207) In my version of a perfect world, gender is nonexistent.


This simple photo is my bible <3

"Writers aren’t exactly people, they’re a bunch of people trying to be one person."

F. Scott Fitzgerald (via maxkirin)

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I don’t know if I can make it another year. But I don’t want to shatter my family. We’ve made it through so much already, and to destroy that progress would be so selfish..


I think androgyny is a common part of the transgender experience. It allows you to express your femininity or masculinity without having to explain gender identity to people. Society is just not very educated about “transsexualism” which makes it harder for trans people to come out.

It’s exactly that — a compromise, but usually a temporary one. It makes sense for someone who is going from one physical sex into another to stop and linger in the middle for a while…


Andreja Pejic (via mysticalpsychosis)

(via mysticalpsychosis)

Andreja Pejic at Jean Paul Gaultier - Beijing Fashion Show, 2012

Jinkx Monsoon.